Boulder Creek Clean-Up

One of the reasons some people live on the margins of society is that they either never get asked to contribute to the social good or their circumstances and encounters with people from “mainstream” keep them from thinking of themselves as contributors to the social good. That’s why we sought out, met and mobilized currently homeless volunteers for our October 2010 project, “ServeHope.” They helped clean up Boulder Creek, which is in many ways a recreation and everyday life hub of the Boulder community, and at the same time they raised money for people in Africa who are worse off than they are. (Donations for our clean-up project were made to Global Hope Network International.)

To learn more about this hopeful project, check out this article from the Boulder Daily Camera, which includes a video interview with PR founder Ken Miller and Dan Hrynewycz, a local man who was homeless. PR partner Restoring the Soul featured this project on its blog, and also published a story about this project by Project Revive team member Joy Eckstine.

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